Business forecasting

Don't report, anticipate

What decisions do you need to make today, and how will they affect your future?

Test business resilience and financial risk

The business environment is never static! Business cycles and economic shocks are a constant. How will your business measure up to these changes? Jazoodle’s simple slider forecasting and scenario modeling system allows you to test your business, long before a change of circumstances becomes a problem. Test for a future recession, the loss of a big client, changes to your input costs and overheads, or even a change to client payment terms. Assess the effect on your businesses of an investment in new equipment, or staff. Multiple scenarios can be modeled simultaneously, simply, and in an instant. UK businesses, find out how to build your Brexit scenario here.

Current and future business valuation

Jazoodle’s business valuation system is always current, updated whenever you refresh your accounting data and connect to Jazoodle. This means that you are always on top of your exit planning, or end goal setting. What’s more, with our forecasting module, when you lan future scenarios, your business valuation is updated live, to match the scenario you are forecasting. Imagine being able to understand future values based upon the decisions that you are making within your business and modeling this quickly, simply and in real time

Always updated forecasting base model created

A business’ base forecasting model is always updated when you update your accounting system. The base forecast will always reflect current trading conditions, and does so instantly. Your updated forecast model can then be used to model multiple scenarios, and these are instantly played out with updated future Profit and Loss statement, balance sheet and  year end cash position, future health and performance metrics adn future business valuation. How powerful is that?

What scenarios do you want to model?

Sales downturn / Recession

All businesses should have an eye on tough economic conditions. They will hit. How will this affect your business’ sustainability? Plan for downturn, and give yourself breathing space by being prepared.

Change in input costs

What will happen if you need to change suppliers and direct costs increase? Model in seconds, using the COGS slider and understand the effect on profit, cash, and your key indicators

A spike in sales

So what if, rather than recession, you have a spike in sales? What will this mean. How can you best utilise this windfall in your business?

Debtor collection improvements

How many days do you take to collect your client debts? Even a small improvement can mean significant improvements to your cashflows. Model them with Jazoodle in seconds

Investment in equipment

There is a direct link between a business’ investment in plant and equipment and its bottom line. Jazoodle assesses this link for your business and modelling asset investment is available for you

Employing more staff

When is the right tme to employ new staff in your business? What effect will this have on your bottom line? See in seconds by changing your overheads slider

Business forecasting and scenario modelling in seconds

Business forecasting FAQs

No, Jazoodle needs at least 3 month's data in order to be able to forecast. Jazoodle has 4 forecasting modes:

  • "this-year-partial": For companies that have between 3 months and 11 months of data for the current/latest year, we extrapolate/forecast to year end, to create a base for the current year numbers.
  • "last-year": For companies that have less than 3 months of data for the current/latest year but have previous year history, we take the previous year as the basis for the current year.
  • "this-year-full": For companies that have a full 12 months of data for the current/latest year we take no further action as there is no extrapolation/forecast to be made.
  • "none": For companies that have less than three months of accounting data available, we do not extrapolate/forecast based on this. The figures you see in each page are based on the actual data and no more. Please note that our modelling features are suppressed in this scenario due to lack of data.

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