Our roadmap

Jazoodle's roadmap

Want to know what we've got coming your way shortly..?

Jazoodle's 1 click connect to Xero, Quickbooks, and MYOB
Jazoodle's 1 touch cashflow forecasts
Jazoodle's no touch business alerts and triggers

We're bringing additional cloud accounting integrations into Jazoodle in 2020. We currently integrate with Xero, soon, we'll be adding Quickbooks as well as MYOB integrations into our platform, making your health checks, valuations, and scenario modelling even easier and quicker!


We're really excited by this one - build multi year business scenarios quickly and simply, then with one touch, export a monthly cashflow forecast for your bank, advisor, credit provider - or just to keep an eye on your business plans! Model changes in product revenues overheads, or even debtor collections.

Never be caught out again. Jazoodle will alert you when subtle changes and trends appear in your business. These changes and knowledge of them can make all the difference and give you time to react, before these changes become a major problem. if you subscribe via your accountant / advisor, they can get them too!

1 click business valuation
Collaborate with jazoodle
Jazoodle advisory dashboard

Jazoodle's proprietary 1 click business valuation is being enhanced and printable valuation letter, complying with APES 225 guidelines is available to business advisors, accountants and business brokers. What's more, you'll forecast future business value with our forecasting modelling. Planning a business sale or exit? Modelling your future value will be invaluable.


We've redesigned our collaborative capabilities with our next iteration of Jazoodle. Invite your accountant or advisor to view your business health and create forecasts. Add a co worker in seconds, or even have your accountant give you access via their Jazoodle platform. Work on your business plans together, quickly, and simply.

We've received some great feedback from our advisory and accountant partners and industry organisations. We're releasing our advisor dashboard shortly. Summarise all clients in one screen, be alerted to changes in business instantly, allowing you to dedicate your time working with those clients that really need you most.