Connecting Xero and Starting Your 14 Day Trial

Once you have mastered the demo data that we supply, now you'd like to connect your Xero account and see our dashboard with your business data. We've made this as simple as possible for you to do. First, click on the "Get Started" button in the "My Plans" tab

Once you get started, then select which plan you'd like to subscribe to (we don't ask you for card details until the end of your trial). If you decide not to proceed after your trial, your account will simply be locked and your trial stopped.

Select Jazoodle Plan

then click "Connect to Xero" and the Xero secure API will be called to retrieve your data. Simply authenticate within Xero as prompted

Connect To Xero
Start Trial
Xero Authentication

Once authenticated successfully, Jazoodle will ask you just 3 questions to confirm your company details, the date range of the data you'd like to integrate, and your company size (for benchmarking purposes later)


Once answered, Jazoodle will integrate your Xero data and your dashboard will be created

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