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What is your business likely to be worth, today and in the future?

How much is my business worth?

Jazoodle helps demystify small business valuations with our proprietary valuation algorithm, giving you an always updated indicative value of your business. There are very many different methods of valuing a business, and it is true, the only correct valuation is an amount that a buyer is prepared to pay, and you are prepared to sell for. However, Jazoodle’s small business valuation system will help you understand how sale ready your business is, or simply to keep on top of your exit planning, meaning no nasty shocks when it comes to exit your business!

Current and future business valuation

Jazoodle’s small business valuation system is always current, updated whenever you refresh your accounting data and connect to Jazoodle. This means that you are always on top of your exit planning, or end goal setting. What’s more, with our forecasting module, when you build future scenarios, your small business valuation is updated live, to match the scenario you are forecasting. Imagine being able to understand future values based upon the decisions that you are making within your business and modeling this quickly, simply and in real time

Accountant and advisor valuation template

Print out a business’ current valuation in seconds with our valuation template, which is pre formatted with your practice details, and complies with APES225 accounting guidelines. Print onto your letter head and send straight to your clients in seconds. This is a massive time saver for you and your practice, and being APES225 compliant, details the assumptions, and methodology on which the valuation is based, along with engagement type.

Business valuation FAQs

It is often said that the only true valuation of a business, is the amount that a buyer is prepared to pay and a seller is prepared to sell for. Business value is affected by a number of factors, including the risk perceived, historic performance, strategic fit to the buying organisation and a myriad of other factors. Jazoodle's valuation assesses historical factors mainly, such as pre depreciation earnings performance. In doing so, our model takes into account implied factors, such as quality of management team, prevailing market conditions etc. Our proprietary algorithm assesses growth, and stability of growth. For instance, a business with volatile sales growth, will not be valued as highly as a business with stable and consistent growth. This makes sense as a buyer may want to understand the likelihood of payback or return on their investment

Some businesses, especially when starting out, may see a low business value. Jazoodle's system works on a number of measures. One value amount could be a multiple of revenue seen historically within the business. Equally, if the business has invested in its asset base, if this is greater than revenue multiples, then we will use your net asset value as business valuation

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